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Sunday, 20 May 2012

JP4PCC - The Complete Package

Why I am Backing John Prescott

Following an excellent Hustling in Beverley yesterday I made my choice for the Labour candidate for PCC. Both candidates gave a good 5 minute introduction, letting the audience know, their background, strengths and expectation of the role. The Question and Answer session allowed party members to size up the candidates and question their knowledge of not just the role but of what Labour Party values will bring to it. A core central theme was about accountability to the communities and giving them a greater say. As the newly elected Chair of the Bridlington & Driffield Community Partnership this struck a chord with me. Going out into the community with the Partners and listening to what matters most to people and their quality of life is vital to the PCC role.
Privatisation of the Police Force was also a strong theme of the discussion. Like the NHS, the Labour Party, supports the many hardworking and committed police officers. To hand over this valued service to profit making companies would be abhorrent, wrong and dangerous.
Whilst much was made of new ideas on how policing should be shaped in the future it sometimes just boils down to engagement with the people that the police serve. A bottom up approach rather than a top down approach will give communities a greater voice.
Each of the candidates has different strengths and also the same strengths in some areas. Both are more than capable of being an excellent PCC.  The key question that I had to ask myself was, “Who has the best chance of winning for Labour.”  The real test will not be at Hustings or even the vote for our candidate; it will be in November. The 5 pledges that John put forward will allow the public, who will ultimately make the choice, the opportunity to understand what he will bring to the role.  Coupled with that is a high profile and a wonderful ability to engage, get his message across and win support.
I am a hard nut to crack when it comes to supporting someone but I am also a pragmatist. The right candidate will win this and that candidate is John Prescott #jp4pcc
John Prescott’s 5 Pledges which I fully support
1. Keep our police force public, more accountable and observing national standards with total opposition to the privatisation of front line services.
2. Give the community a greater say in the drafting of the new five-year Police and Crime plan. This shouldn’t be left to those who think they know best.
3. Greater co-ordination between the community, local partnerships, neighbourhood watch groups, the police and probation officers to reduce crime.
4. Better support for the victims of crime, giving them more of a say in how criminals should pay back to society through community service.
5. Be a strong public voice for our police force and community at a national and Parliamentary level. I will be a full-time and local Commissioner, decentralising power and holding regular police surgeries with the public across the region.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Early Day Motion Caravan Tax

VAT ON STATIC HOLIDAY CARAVANS Mr Graham Stuart That this House recognises that the static caravan and associated industries make a significant contribution to the UK economy; notes that more than 3 million trips were taken in owned caravans in 2010, contributing £334 million to UK tourism particularly in rural and coastal areas; notes that UK static caravan manufacturers make more than 95% of those sold in the UK; notes that more than 7,000 people work directly for manufacturers and suppliers in addition to 26,500 employed directly by holiday parks; notes that the sale of static caravans is an important element in the survival of holiday parks; notes that the Government estimates the imposition of VAT on static holiday caravans will reduce demand by 30%; is concerned that such a tax would have a devastating effect on jobs, on UK tourism, on investment and on growth; and therefore calls on the Government to reject plans for a static holiday caravan VAT change.