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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Council Tax Benefits ERYC

Council Tax Benefit

Council tax benefit is a means tested benefit that helps people with low or no income to pay their council tax.
Council tax benefit is being abolished by the government on 1 April 2013. It is to be replaced with a local council tax support scheme. The responsibility for designing local schemes is to be passed to each local authority in England.
The effects can be seen below with the Options showing the lost revenue to the Bridlington Economy.  Money that would be spent here will be paid to ERYC if Option 2 or 3 are adopted.  This is not just about taking money from the poorest in society but making Bridlington pay nearly 25% of the shortfall.  This will effect our businesses.
Working Age CTB Claimants by Ward
Row Labels Households
Beverley Rural Ward 187 1.62% Bridlington  2870 24.90%
Bridlington Central and Old Town Ward 847 7.35%
Bridlington North Ward 442 3.84% Lost revenue in Bridlington Option 1 Nil
Bridlington South Ward 1581 13.72% Average £250 per household Option 2 £717,500.00
Cottingham North Ward 159 1.38% Average £500 per household Option 3 £1,435,000.00
Cottingham South Ward 305 2.65%
Dale Ward 222 1.93%
Driffield and Rural Ward 535 4.64%
East Wolds and Coastal Ward 401 3.48%
Goole North Ward 454 3.94%
Goole South Ward 862 7.48%
Hessle Ward 521 4.52%
Howden Ward 121 1.05%
Howdenshire Ward 287 2.49%
Mid Holderness Ward 321 2.79%
Minster and Woodmansey Ward 682 5.92%
North Holderness Ward 438 3.80%
Pocklington Provincial Ward 329 2.85%
Snaith| Airmyn| Rawcliffe and Marshland Ward 239 2.07%
South East Holderness Ward 849 7.37%
South Hunsley Ward 99 0.86%
South West Holderness Ward 438 3.80%
St. Mary's Ward 436 3.78%
Tranby Ward 335 2.91%
Willerby and Kirk Ella Ward 141 1.22%
Wolds Weighton Ward 294 2.55%
Grand Total 11525 100.00%

Being a "Corporate Parent"

When I was elected on to East Riding of Yorkshire Council I was not prepared for the variety of duties I would perform. Committees, Review Panels (4 to date) ,Boards, being a Chair a a Community Partnership and a Corporate Parent. Visiting Childrens' homes is one of the duties I perform; talking to staff and looked after children.  Attending events like today also allows me to engage with the young people in a positive way.  The event today was billed as How to Get a Job and Keep it - I can You can.  I had a  look at what was in store for us but was not prepared for the really inspiring speaker having never heard of him before. Richard McCann set the scene wonderfully and despite problems with the mic just kept going. As a fellow ginger I can remember feeling a little out of place in Leeds like him - carrot top to my friends until I learned to like my individuality. Events in his life were harrowing at times - hard to comprehend but delivered in a manner that made you want the next stage to go well.  His white tower I well remember (Leeds Uni or polytec as it was in my day). The Yorkshire Ripper murders and the beared Suttcliffe brought back memories of my Dad being interviewed and cleared (Irish name and blue landrover put him in the frame). Time spent in Germany and Berlin wall - I was there then too. His spiral into drugs and prison showed the young people how easy that can happen (no parallel for me there but grew up near Armley Jail). Oh and I did my OU Summer School at Durham University which he attended!  Finally his books, marriage and children made you feel that despite everything that life throws at you - YOU CAN.

One day that I felt was well spent and look forward to working on the ERYC Reducing Re-Offending Review Panel and speaking to Richard about the work he does in prisons.

My FB entry today
Interesting day as a Corporate Parent. Spending time with LAC and listening to http://www.richardmccann.co.uk/ he really did engage with adults and young people this morning. Looking forward to working with in the future.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Response to The Chancellor's Speech #ACon12

Employee Ownership doesn’t mean reducing workers rights

October 2012
Monday 8 October - EOA/PR/081012
Commenting on today’s announcement that employees will be encouraged to exchange workplace rights for shares and company equity, made by Chancellor Rt Hon George Osborne MP at the Conservative Party annual Conference in Birmingham, Employee Ownership Association Chief Executive Iain Hasdell said:

“We welcome this latest contribution to the debate on employee ownership, but whilst growing employee ownership should be part of the UK’s Industrial Policy, such growth does not require a dilution of the rights and working conditions of employees – indeed employee ownership often enhances them.
“Ownership matters. Employee ownership, creating businesses whose employees have significant ownership and involvement, offers a brilliant mechanism to spread business ownership from the few to the many whilst increasing productivity and innovation.”

New research shows that job security, job satisfaction, and productivity are significantly higher in employee owned businesses compared to traditional companies surveyed by the national Workplace Employee Relations Survey.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Council Tax Benefit Cuts - Labour Group Press Release

East Riding Labour Group

East Riding Labour Group reacted angrily today at the full East Riding of Yorkshire Council meeting in Beverley when their calls to protect low paid workers in the East Riding boundary from proposed reduction in council tax benefit that will hit 11,525 low paid households within the county.

 This is following central government cuts to the ER of £2.6m.  The Leader of the Labour Group, Cllr Pat O’Neil, Goole South Ward moved the Motion calling upon the Council to follow the example of Tory Councils in the Prime Ministers constituency and find the necessary savings from the council budget.

In seconding the Labour Motion the Lab Group’s Deputy Leader, Cllr Keith Moore, Goole North said “These proposals are designed to hit yet again those low paid workers who are in pay freezes and are on such low pay they rely on these benefits for a living wage.

 Cllr Pat O’Neil added “the social injustice of this policy will be all the greater as on the same day the top rate of tax for high earners will be cut from 50p to 45p which equates to a tax break of £40,000 a year for this and future years.

 The cost and inconvenience of collecting small sums from those without the ability to pay is likely to make the whole thing unworkable. And many of those households effected are in the wards of Tory councillors and in the most deprived wards in the East Riding.

 The Labour Group stood alone in the defence of low paid workers within this Authority’s boundary receiving no support from any other group.

3 October 2012