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Thursday, 13 October 2016

WASPI (Women Against State Pension Inequality)

Fair Transitional State Pension Arrangements


Labour Group Member, Cllr Shelagh Finlay, moved the following Motion to Full Council today (12 October), seconded by Cllr Keith Moore.


“That this Council calls upon the Government to make fair transitional state pension arrangements for all women born on, or after, 6 April 1951, who have unfairly borne the burden of the increase to the State Pension Age (SPA) with lack of appropriate notification.”


The following Amendment was submitted by Cllr Parnaby and was voted on, and passed, by Full Council with the exception of the words ‘or influence’ which was removed at Cllr Finlay’s request.


“That this Council, whilst recognising it has no control or influence over national government policy on state pensions, has sympathy with those affected by any increase to the State Pension Age and encourages members either individually, through political groups, local MPs or national contacts to raise any issues of unfairness they may have in regard to the State Pension Age (SPA).”


At Full Council, over 25 WASPIs from around the region came to offer their support and were pleased that Members of East Riding of Yorkshire Council were prompted to raise issues of unfairness.





For further information please contact:


Cllr Shelagh Finlay -                     01262 675921

Cllr Keith Moore -                       07737 586949


12 October 2016