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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Council Tax Benefits ERYC

Council Tax Benefit

Council tax benefit is a means tested benefit that helps people with low or no income to pay their council tax.
Council tax benefit is being abolished by the government on 1 April 2013. It is to be replaced with a local council tax support scheme. The responsibility for designing local schemes is to be passed to each local authority in England.
The effects can be seen below with the Options showing the lost revenue to the Bridlington Economy.  Money that would be spent here will be paid to ERYC if Option 2 or 3 are adopted.  This is not just about taking money from the poorest in society but making Bridlington pay nearly 25% of the shortfall.  This will effect our businesses.
Working Age CTB Claimants by Ward
Row Labels Households
Beverley Rural Ward 187 1.62% Bridlington  2870 24.90%
Bridlington Central and Old Town Ward 847 7.35%
Bridlington North Ward 442 3.84% Lost revenue in Bridlington Option 1 Nil
Bridlington South Ward 1581 13.72% Average £250 per household Option 2 £717,500.00
Cottingham North Ward 159 1.38% Average £500 per household Option 3 £1,435,000.00
Cottingham South Ward 305 2.65%
Dale Ward 222 1.93%
Driffield and Rural Ward 535 4.64%
East Wolds and Coastal Ward 401 3.48%
Goole North Ward 454 3.94%
Goole South Ward 862 7.48%
Hessle Ward 521 4.52%
Howden Ward 121 1.05%
Howdenshire Ward 287 2.49%
Mid Holderness Ward 321 2.79%
Minster and Woodmansey Ward 682 5.92%
North Holderness Ward 438 3.80%
Pocklington Provincial Ward 329 2.85%
Snaith| Airmyn| Rawcliffe and Marshland Ward 239 2.07%
South East Holderness Ward 849 7.37%
South Hunsley Ward 99 0.86%
South West Holderness Ward 438 3.80%
St. Mary's Ward 436 3.78%
Tranby Ward 335 2.91%
Willerby and Kirk Ella Ward 141 1.22%
Wolds Weighton Ward 294 2.55%
Grand Total 11525 100.00%

Being a "Corporate Parent"

When I was elected on to East Riding of Yorkshire Council I was not prepared for the variety of duties I would perform. Committees, Review Panels (4 to date) ,Boards, being a Chair a a Community Partnership and a Corporate Parent. Visiting Childrens' homes is one of the duties I perform; talking to staff and looked after children.  Attending events like today also allows me to engage with the young people in a positive way.  The event today was billed as How to Get a Job and Keep it - I can You can.  I had a  look at what was in store for us but was not prepared for the really inspiring speaker having never heard of him before. Richard McCann set the scene wonderfully and despite problems with the mic just kept going. As a fellow ginger I can remember feeling a little out of place in Leeds like him - carrot top to my friends until I learned to like my individuality. Events in his life were harrowing at times - hard to comprehend but delivered in a manner that made you want the next stage to go well.  His white tower I well remember (Leeds Uni or polytec as it was in my day). The Yorkshire Ripper murders and the beared Suttcliffe brought back memories of my Dad being interviewed and cleared (Irish name and blue landrover put him in the frame). Time spent in Germany and Berlin wall - I was there then too. His spiral into drugs and prison showed the young people how easy that can happen (no parallel for me there but grew up near Armley Jail). Oh and I did my OU Summer School at Durham University which he attended!  Finally his books, marriage and children made you feel that despite everything that life throws at you - YOU CAN.

One day that I felt was well spent and look forward to working on the ERYC Reducing Re-Offending Review Panel and speaking to Richard about the work he does in prisons.

My FB entry today
Interesting day as a Corporate Parent. Spending time with LAC and listening to http://www.richardmccann.co.uk/ he really did engage with adults and young people this morning. Looking forward to working with in the future.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Response to The Chancellor's Speech #ACon12

Employee Ownership doesn’t mean reducing workers rights

October 2012
Monday 8 October - EOA/PR/081012
Commenting on today’s announcement that employees will be encouraged to exchange workplace rights for shares and company equity, made by Chancellor Rt Hon George Osborne MP at the Conservative Party annual Conference in Birmingham, Employee Ownership Association Chief Executive Iain Hasdell said:

“We welcome this latest contribution to the debate on employee ownership, but whilst growing employee ownership should be part of the UK’s Industrial Policy, such growth does not require a dilution of the rights and working conditions of employees – indeed employee ownership often enhances them.
“Ownership matters. Employee ownership, creating businesses whose employees have significant ownership and involvement, offers a brilliant mechanism to spread business ownership from the few to the many whilst increasing productivity and innovation.”

New research shows that job security, job satisfaction, and productivity are significantly higher in employee owned businesses compared to traditional companies surveyed by the national Workplace Employee Relations Survey.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Council Tax Benefit Cuts - Labour Group Press Release

East Riding Labour Group

East Riding Labour Group reacted angrily today at the full East Riding of Yorkshire Council meeting in Beverley when their calls to protect low paid workers in the East Riding boundary from proposed reduction in council tax benefit that will hit 11,525 low paid households within the county.

 This is following central government cuts to the ER of £2.6m.  The Leader of the Labour Group, Cllr Pat O’Neil, Goole South Ward moved the Motion calling upon the Council to follow the example of Tory Councils in the Prime Ministers constituency and find the necessary savings from the council budget.

In seconding the Labour Motion the Lab Group’s Deputy Leader, Cllr Keith Moore, Goole North said “These proposals are designed to hit yet again those low paid workers who are in pay freezes and are on such low pay they rely on these benefits for a living wage.

 Cllr Pat O’Neil added “the social injustice of this policy will be all the greater as on the same day the top rate of tax for high earners will be cut from 50p to 45p which equates to a tax break of £40,000 a year for this and future years.

 The cost and inconvenience of collecting small sums from those without the ability to pay is likely to make the whole thing unworkable. And many of those households effected are in the wards of Tory councillors and in the most deprived wards in the East Riding.

 The Labour Group stood alone in the defence of low paid workers within this Authority’s boundary receiving no support from any other group.

3 October 2012

Sunday, 20 May 2012

JP4PCC - The Complete Package

Why I am Backing John Prescott

Following an excellent Hustling in Beverley yesterday I made my choice for the Labour candidate for PCC. Both candidates gave a good 5 minute introduction, letting the audience know, their background, strengths and expectation of the role. The Question and Answer session allowed party members to size up the candidates and question their knowledge of not just the role but of what Labour Party values will bring to it. A core central theme was about accountability to the communities and giving them a greater say. As the newly elected Chair of the Bridlington & Driffield Community Partnership this struck a chord with me. Going out into the community with the Partners and listening to what matters most to people and their quality of life is vital to the PCC role.
Privatisation of the Police Force was also a strong theme of the discussion. Like the NHS, the Labour Party, supports the many hardworking and committed police officers. To hand over this valued service to profit making companies would be abhorrent, wrong and dangerous.
Whilst much was made of new ideas on how policing should be shaped in the future it sometimes just boils down to engagement with the people that the police serve. A bottom up approach rather than a top down approach will give communities a greater voice.
Each of the candidates has different strengths and also the same strengths in some areas. Both are more than capable of being an excellent PCC.  The key question that I had to ask myself was, “Who has the best chance of winning for Labour.”  The real test will not be at Hustings or even the vote for our candidate; it will be in November. The 5 pledges that John put forward will allow the public, who will ultimately make the choice, the opportunity to understand what he will bring to the role.  Coupled with that is a high profile and a wonderful ability to engage, get his message across and win support.
I am a hard nut to crack when it comes to supporting someone but I am also a pragmatist. The right candidate will win this and that candidate is John Prescott #jp4pcc
John Prescott’s 5 Pledges which I fully support
1. Keep our police force public, more accountable and observing national standards with total opposition to the privatisation of front line services.
2. Give the community a greater say in the drafting of the new five-year Police and Crime plan. This shouldn’t be left to those who think they know best.
3. Greater co-ordination between the community, local partnerships, neighbourhood watch groups, the police and probation officers to reduce crime.
4. Better support for the victims of crime, giving them more of a say in how criminals should pay back to society through community service.
5. Be a strong public voice for our police force and community at a national and Parliamentary level. I will be a full-time and local Commissioner, decentralising power and holding regular police surgeries with the public across the region.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Early Day Motion Caravan Tax

VAT ON STATIC HOLIDAY CARAVANS Mr Graham Stuart That this House recognises that the static caravan and associated industries make a significant contribution to the UK economy; notes that more than 3 million trips were taken in owned caravans in 2010, contributing £334 million to UK tourism particularly in rural and coastal areas; notes that UK static caravan manufacturers make more than 95% of those sold in the UK; notes that more than 7,000 people work directly for manufacturers and suppliers in addition to 26,500 employed directly by holiday parks; notes that the sale of static caravans is an important element in the survival of holiday parks; notes that the Government estimates the imposition of VAT on static holiday caravans will reduce demand by 30%; is concerned that such a tax would have a devastating effect on jobs, on UK tourism, on investment and on growth; and therefore calls on the Government to reject plans for a static holiday caravan VAT change.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Campaigning in Withernsea

Had a great morning in Withernsea today. Leafletting with Tracey Boreman Murray Daniel Palmer and Eddie Hart to name a few. The Labour supporters were out in force to welcome John Prescott. He gave a great speech and talked to many residents. The Labour table had a petition to ditch the hated Caravan Tax and lots of signatures were gathered. Managed to steal a few chips from Graham Petrini (thanks mate). Lots of banter with the Tories as usual! Jed Lee is a great candidate and we are all behind him for May 3rd.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Caravan Tax - The Fight Continues

At the start of the debate I asked the following questions and got the following answers:

How many static caravans are located in and around Bridlington?

The following table shows the total number of static caravans located within the parishes of Bempton, Flamborough, Bridlington and Carnaby.

Total number of static caravans

Data source East Riding Data Observatory

What income do they generate for Bridlington and the East Riding?

A staying visitor on average spends £34.56 pr night.  However this data doesn’t include those visitors that don’t spend anything within the local economy and bring everything with them.  A day visitor spends an average of £22.94 this figure includes fuel.
72% of the visitors to the East Riding are from within the Yorkshire and Humber sub-region.   33% of visitor to the East Riding stay in overnight accommodation and 47% are either staying in self catering accommodation or camping/caravanning.  
Given the number of visitors to Bridlington these figures are important to the local economy of the town.

Date Source Welcome to Yorkshire Regional Visitor Survey 2010/2011

How many jobs are linked to this industry in terms of holiday parks?

There are 77 jobs linked to holiday parks in Bridlington, this number includes those that are part-time and seasonal.  The total number in the East Riding was 201. 

Do you see any implications in the 20 % VAT on static caravans in terms of lost revenue and jobs to Bridlington and surrounding areas?
This is a difficult question to answer and this may only become apparent after the VAT increase has been implemented.  The risks are as follows-

The demand for static caravans drops – many caravans are owned by individuals and may be rented back to the holiday camp or used every weekend as a holiday home.  This demand may cause the price of caravans to drop.

The demand for new statics as replacements may reduce leading to an increasingly aged stock that might be less attractive to stay in.

Replacement caravans are more expensive and this increased cost is passed on to consumers who then have less to spend either at the park or in the wider economy. 

The impact to most tourism businesses will be less as Bridlington is reliant on day trippers.  The strategy is to encourage these visitors to spend more in the local economy. 

How will this affect the tourist industry as a whole for the East Riding?
Again until the VAT increase is implemented this is hard to estimate.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Static Caravan Tax

Really angry that Greg Knight did not vote with the other MPs in the region on the Caravan Tax. Further consultation does not justify the betrayal of his constituents and Bridlington. http://www.thisishullandeastriding.co.uk/Caravan-tax-Disappointment-East-Yorkshire-MP-Greg/story-15863538-detail/story.html

Whatever the true figures regarding job losses and closed businesses not one job loss is worth this hike of the cost of static caravans. This measure will effect the rural and tourist economies of East Yorkshire.

The justification that he reached this decision because the consultation period has been extended is not worthy of a politician. We deserve better of our elected representative and someone who will stand up and be counted when really important decisions are being made about our region.

Credit to the Tory rebels who joined with the hard working Labour MPs in the vote and shame on the LibDems in Cornwall who sided with the Government. Remember this when you go out to vote on 3rd May and keep it in your minds for the next General Election.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Camapaign Trail in East Riding

Due to the sad loss of a fellow East Riding Councillor we have an unexpected election in East Riding for the South East Holderness Ward. This is the only seat that will be fought on Thursday 3rd of May in East Riding and looks to be a great battle. In the Red Corner Jed Lee, in the Blue Corner Kevin Hough with the Independant John Windas somewhere on the ropes.

On Saturday we set up a stall outside the front of Aldi in Withernsea and the East Riding activists arrived. Five of the the ERYC Labour Group, Cllrs Boatman, Hogan, Moore, O'Neil and myself all wadded in for the fight. We were all promptly dispached around Withernsea with bundles of leaflets and maps. Myself and Tracey Murray were lucky to have the seafront streets to leaflet and as we reached the end of each street a bracing wind and magnificent sea views greeted us. After an hour of posting, smiling and dog avoidance we returned back to Aldi just before the heavens opened. The Tories had set up camp next to us and a lot of friendly banter was exchanged between the two groups.

Following the Bradford election and the smart use of social media, this campaign will be fought on the ground and in Cyberspace. Both are needed in modern campaigning. Communication is the key and both methods of getting the message across are needed to win.

Having a local candidate who knows and understand the issues facing Holderness is also a bonus.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Jed Lee Can Win

‎3 to contest the South East Holderness Election - we must all throw our weight behind Jed Lee the Labour Candidate. There are plenty of votes to be captured check out last year's results http://www2.eastriding.gov.uk/council/elections-and-voting/elections/ward-elections/
Ward Elections

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Why I am Backing Jed Lee for South East Holderness

About Jed Lee
Born in South Yorkshire and started working life in the coal mine as an underground electrician. Moved to Keyingham in 1985 to work for British Gas who are now Centrica at the gas terminal in Easington. After a spell offshore for Centrica, I now work back at the terminal as a shift team leader.
I am married with two children. Both children were educated at Keyingham and Withernsea schools. Both went on to gain degrees in PE and train as teachers, one working in Driffield the other working in New Zealand. My wife is a teacher in Special Education.
As a working man I can identify with all the issues surrounding the current state of affairs in the country and county, income tax, pension uncertainty, rising prices, housing markets etc. I am also involved in the voluntary sector and have knowledge of the issues facing that sector with reduced funding available and vulnerable groups not receiving the support at the right level through the local authority or voluntary sector because it simply isn’t there in sufficient measure. South East Holderness, despite its isolated nature and limited employment opportunities, does have a resilience and determination to survive. It is a lovely part of the county and does have countryside and a coast, the diversity of the landscape reflects the nature of the resilient people and I would be proud to be elected to represent SE Holderness and be part of that landscape.


Thursday, 5 April 2012

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Sports Relief 2012

I will be handing out the water and medals at this event on Sunday - you will be so fed up with me promoting it over the next couple of days! Bridlington Town Mayor Cyrill Marsburg will be setting off the Races . Come along and support it.


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

NHS Candlelit Vigil In Hull

On Monday night I travelled to Hull to join fellow protesters in a Candlelit vigil to urge the Government to drop the NHS reform bill. Around the country 24 similar vigils too place as the House of Lords debated amendments to the Bill. I was one of many who marched to Save Bridlington Hospital and feel passionately about our NHS. The bill does not have the support of patients, GPs and many professional bodies associated with the NHS and will lead to privatisation of our health service.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Trains - How Important Are They?

Last night I nearly lost my love affair with our railway system as I missed a train back to Bridlington and was faced with the prospect of one and half hours on a cold platform at Driffield station before the next train. The waiting room was shut and I was a lone woman travelling with the only prospect of staying warm was to go to the bar till after 10 at night. I am not a timid person as my friends will testify but the choice of sitting on a lonely platform or sitting in a bar alone did not fill me with any joy! This did get me thinking about rural transport (or the lack of it) and the facilities it offers lone travellers late at night. So I will be watching with interest the Rail Review statement in the House of Commons today:

Ms Greening will make a statement outlining the government's new "rail command paper", which aims to cut billions of pounds from the cost of running Britain's railway network.
The move follows a review by former civil servant Sir Roy McNulty in 2011, which recommended that spending should be cut by a third.
Trade unions have expressed fears that the cuts will lead to fare rises and the loss of thousands of jobs.

Cutting billions from the rail network will mean that the limited services we do have will either be cut or become too expensive for passengers. Stations will rely on automated practices as staff are cut leaving vunerable people alone with a machine. Why are we promoting a Green Agenda while forcing people back into cars. In Europe they run a fast, efficient and cheap rail service so why cannot we do the same? Is it time to Nationalise the Railways for the benefit of all travellers?

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Holiday at Home

A new TV Ad has hit our screen promoting the wonderful places around our Country. Stephen Fry being plummy in London, Julie Walters being down to earth in Cornwall and Rupert Grint of Harry Potter fame enjoying the wonderful beaches at Bridlington. Bridlington, the jewel in the crown of the East Coast, should attract record numbers of visitors this year but will it? Are we doing enough to promote this wonderful seaside resort and surrounding area.s Yes we had a bit of publicity through David Hockney and a quick mention on this ad but is that enough from the agencies that should be promoting us?


Monday, 5 March 2012

Working Families Face Devastating Cuts

The onslaught of far reaching cuts to hard working families with the change in the eligibility for Working Tax Credits coming into force on April 6th 2012 and the change to Child Benefit in 2013 will mean hardship for many in our Region. The "We are all in it together" rings hollow as those that have, continue to keep it and those that do not, will have what help they can get taken away from them. The culmination of cuts on one hand and increases on the other will do nothing to help the economy recover. It will just mean misery to those who want to help it recover. The Labour Party in East Riding will be mounting a campaign to highlight the issues that concern us all. The Press Release below went out today and I fully support the need to bring this to the attention of as many people as possible. As my colleague in Beverely so rightly puts it - a 40 ton truck is heading our way and we cannot sit back and let it mow down those that depend on us.
Press Release
Thousands of working families across East Yorkshire will be
devastated when changes to Working Tax Credits hit home on April 6th.

Beverley Labour Party estimates that two thousand low paid working
families will lose up to £4000 in the next few weeks. At the moment
families who work 16 hours a week qualify for Working Tax Credits.
But on April 6th only those working 24 hours will qualify.

Speaking today George McManus, Chairman of Beverley and Holderness
Labour Party said, 'This change will devastate thousands of low paid hard
working families. People currently on an income of £17000 will see this
cut to £13000 unless these proposals change.'

He went on,'Lone parents and low paid workers will find that they will be
better off on the dole. This is economic madness which will increase
pressure on Local Authorities, Social Services and society as a whole. '

Friday, 2 March 2012

Getting it Right

Just got back from Liverpool and the place is buzzing thanks to a Labour run Council who know what the people want and deliver http://www.liverpoollabour.org/. I went there on the invitation of of the Right Worshipful The Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Councillor Frank Prendergast who invited my husband to a civic reception to mark his service as a Park Constable with the "Liverpool Parks Police" on the 40 year anniversary on disbandment. The event, held at the stunning Town Hall was wonderful in that it brought back together those who worked in their community to make a difference. I had the opportunity to talk to the young members who were proud of their city and the role they played in a civic capacity with the council.

I was able to compare what was happening 5 years ago (the last time I visited) and to see how far this City has moved. Oh and leaving the station to try and find the hotel I asked a Parking Attendant for directions. He said, "I am going that way" and escorted us nearly all the way pointing out new places of interest in a broad scouse accent. He was obviously proud of the City he worked for and the redevelpment that was taking place. Despite the austere times we live in, a night in a local pub. showed the confidence this City has by the number of people enjoing a tradition pint. HMS Liverpool was in dock and we chatted to the sailors on their last visit - a sign of the times. I will go back there in the future sure in the knowledge that it will go from strength to strength under the Labour Council.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Getting Old in the UK

Following the death of a much loved 91 year old Great Uncle yesterday I decided to look at what it means to be "Old" in the UK. A starting point was the Age UK website. I recently became an Age Uk Pride of Place Advocate
With the following Press Release:


East Riding Councillor Shelagh Finlay has signed up with national older people’s charity Age UK as a Pride of Place advocate for Bridlington South Ward.

Age UK’s Pride of Place campaign is encouraging councillors to improve neighbourhoods for people in later life. Many older people are prevented from getting out and about in their area due to barriers such as a lack of public transport, uneven pavements, access to public toilets or places to sit down. Councillors are well placed to help resolve these issues and enable older people to continue playing a fulfilling role in their community.

Councillor Finlay said: ‘I’m delighted to have this opportunity to work with local older people in Bridlington South Ward and hopefully be able to bring about some improvements to the neighbourhoods in the area.
John Perkins, Interim Chief Officer for Age UK East Riding said: ‘It’s vital that we invest in our neighbourhoods to ensure older people can go on being active and contribute to our communities for as long as possible – after all we now have more over 60s than under 18s. We are really pleased that Councillor Shelagh Finlay has joined us as a Pride of Place advocate. She will be working with us and with older people locally to improve the neighbourhoods in this area. Together, we can make a real difference.’

For more information about the Pride of Place campaign go to www.ageuk.org.uk/prideofplace

The article posted on the website replicated below does show the mentality of our aged - too proud to claim what they are entitled to. Why do we as a society make it so difficult for people living in poverty to access money that they are entitled to - because we don't want to pay out. Many of the very aged will have fought in conflicts as did my Great Uncle who was proud to have done so. This pride however does mean that they choose to either eat or heat. Age Uk has a number of initiatives in Bridlington as well as groups like Friends of the Elderly and Pager who also do great work in the community. We will all be old one day and I hope that when my time comes I won't be too frail, alone or too proud to applyfor a benefit like below (but then again it may not be available when my times comes).

Source : Press Association Published on 24 February 2012 12:30 PM
Many retired workers are losing out because they are not aware of their benefit entitlements, new figures suggest.
The Department for Work and Pensions revealed that up to £2.8 billion in pension credit went unclaimed in 2009-2010.
According to the figures, 1.6 million people failed to claim their full entitlement of pension credit during the year.
Pension credit is used to top-up weekly income during retirement.
Other figures included in the report show that around 3.2 million people also missed out on £2.4 billion in council tax benefit over the same period.
Age UK is calling for the introduction of a Government scheme to help people become more aware of their pension credit entitlement and avoid a repeat of this staggering loss in future.
'It is very disappointing that there has been no progress in older people not claiming the benefits they are owed,' said Michelle Mitchell, charity director general of Age UK.
'There are still 1.8 million people in later life living in poverty and claiming pension credit can make a huge difference to someone's income and quality of life.
'The Government needs to start an awareness programme and move more towards a system where the DWP pay entitlements rather than an individual having to work their way through the benefits maze.'
Copyright Press Association 2012

Friday, 24 February 2012

Community Surgeries

This morning I spent two hours in West Hill Community Centre:

The value of Community Surgeries is the bringing together of a range of service providers to be on hand to answer what ever questions may be asked. Today we had police, the Housing Officer, the Antisocial Behaviour Officer and of course me as an elected ward councillor. Complaints about litter, amenities and rogue traders were some of the issues we tackled this morning. Community Centres like this are a vital hub of the community and serve a valuable link between the residents and those that serve them. Never a waste of time but a pleasure.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Gasworx Skatepark Event

The Safe Communities Team held a Bike Safety and Coding Event at the Skate Park, with the Connexions bus, todayThursday 23 February between 12.30pm and 2.30pm. It was great to see the facility well used during half term. Had an opportunity to talk to the young people there in my role as a Bridlington Town Councillor, Despite the negative publicity the facility has had it remains a favourite place for our young people to go, ride and chill safely with friends.


Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Our NHS is NOT for Sale

Cllr Pat O’Neil, Leader of the Labour Group put forward the following Motion today at the full East Riding of Yorkshire Council meeting in Beverley.

That this Council: -

· recognises that the Health Reform bill in its current form is unacceptable, and that there should now be a 'plan B' as an alternative to the bill which would make the NHS safe in the first instance and then take it forward in the longer term.

· will put aside Party differences and work on the reform of objectives we all share such as clinical involvement in commissioning and the funding of social care.

· writes to the Prime Minister, David Cameron, the Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley and our local MPs informing them of this Motion and asking them to oppose the Government’s proposals.

In supporting the Motion Cllr Keith Moore said, “That the Health and Social Care Bill was David Cameron’s Poll Tax”.

Cllr Paul Hogan said, “This at a time when the Commonwealth Fund in 2010 rated the NHS as one of, if not the best, Health Care Systems in the world in terms of efficiency, effective care and cost-related problems, better than Australia, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand and USA”

Cllr Newlove, in supporting this Motion wanted to know “where the Liberal Democrat’s stood on the Bill”.

Cllr Mally Boatman added that “many professional bodies were against this Bill”.

Cllr Shelagh Finlay also strongly supported the Motion.

22 February 2012

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

How Safe is the NHS?

Questions will be asked tomorrow in Full Council about what provisions will be in place when the NHS goes into crisis. The Labour Group is not sleep walking into the potential problems ahead. we are highlighting them Will the rest of the Councillors admit there is a problem and stand up and be counted?


David Cameron's top ten lies about the NHS http://www.mirror.co.uk/
He said: We’ll ensure waiting times are kept low. Reality: Patients waiting longer than 18-week ­guarantee up by 34%

Monday, 20 February 2012

Crunch NHS Vote

This Wednesday, there's a crunch NHS vote in Parliament. MPs will vote on whether to demand the publication of a secret government report into the risks facing the NHS. That could be another nail in the coffin of Andrew Lansley's plans - so let's pile the pressure on our MPs to vote the right way.Right now, Andrew Lansley is in a tricky position to defend. He wants MPs and Lords to back his plans for the NHS. But he's refusing to let them find out what the risks are. If we work together to put our MPs under pressure, there's a decent chance they'll refuse to do Lansley's dirty work for him.This vote could go either way - send your MP an email asking them to back publishing the secret report - it takes two minutes:https://secure.38degrees.org.uk/nhs-risk-reportThe vote will take place on Wednesday afternoon. That means we've got just over 48 hours to convince enough MPs to vote to publish the secret report. The more of us that email our MPs right now, the more likely we are to succeed.38 Degrees members, doctors, nurses and academics have all been warning for ages that Lansley's plans put our health service at risk. We know there's a secret report that could prove that we're right - so let's work together to get this report published before it's too late.Write to your MP and tell them to vote the right way at the risk report debate on Wednesday:https://secure.38degrees.org.uk/nhs-risk-report

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Care in Crisis & AgeUK

Sometimes a Campaign just feels right and this is one of those so make a difference and sign. We will all be old one day (some of us are already there!) and will need vital care services.

Care is in crisis. Many of those who need help and support are being badly let down by a faltering system, while others find themselves having to sell their homes in order to pay for support they need.
Take action now
We are calling on the Government to reform the care system to ensure people in later life receive high quality care and support.
We want to collect 100,000 signatures and you can add your name to our petition right now:
Sign our e-petition today
Add a twibbon and support the campaign on Twitter & Facebook
The Government has promised a White Paper on care reform in the Spring. This is a crucial moment to influence the future direction of social care – possibly for a generation.

The Future of our High Streets - Portas Review


Getting together to form a Town Team to access funding that is available to rejuvinate Town Centres that have gone into decline.

The full review and application form can be found on the above site.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Bridlington Sports Relief Mile


Why not get involved - you know you can do it! I will be there to help you on your way.

Sport Relief mile at Sewerby

THE cliff-tops of Sewerby will provide the dramatic backdrop for a Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Mile on Sunday, March 25.
East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s Sport, Play and Arts Service with Bridlington Town Council has organised an event at Sewerby Hall and Gardens to raise money for the charity.
Runners can choose to run one of three different routes, from one mile, three miles and six miles. There will also be additional charity activities, including a penalty shootout competition, archery and a disc golf hole-in-one contest, held between 10am and 3pm.
Running the mile will cost £6 for adults, £3 for children and £15 for families, which goes towards the staging of the event.
To sign up for the event and begin collecting sponsorship, visit www. sportrelief.com and search for the Sewerby page.
Those interested in taking part in the Sewerby Mile are also reminded that Sewerby Hall and Gardens hosts a free, weekly Parkrun community event, which is a great way to get fit for the event and burn off any holiday weight.
For further information about the Sewerby Mile or Parkrun, contact Paul Silvester, community sports coach, on (01482) 392514 or Stuart Claridge, community development coordinator, on (01482) 392534

Friday, 17 February 2012

Coastal Communities Fund

News round-up 16 February 2012
A new fund to help support ailing seaside towns has been launched The £23.7m Coastal Communities Fund has been created to help struggling coastal communities all across the country.
Under this scheme local groups could use the money to start programmes that can deliver skills training, offer apprenticeships to school leavers, create new workspaces or support small-scale transport improvements.
Successful applicants can expect to get a grant of between £50,000 and £2m. Bids from social enterprises, charities, local businesses or local enterprise partnerships are encouraged.
The Fund will be financed by the Government from revenues from the Crown Estate's marine assets. The Fund will be UK-wide, with funding allocated to England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
Hopefully the Coastal Towns of East Riding will be looking at this new funding opportunity and take advantage to bring the money here.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Broadband for all

As Chair of the recently formed Bridlington & Driffield Community Parnership (replacing LATs/NATs) I am keen to get the message below out to as many residents as possible. Feel free to share the link below and get involved.

The Council has the opportunity to bid for Government funding to secure a better service but needs evidence to show how current broadband is working for both businesses and individuals. A project has been established led by Resource Strategy to develop a Local Broadband Plan, detailing how investment in the broadband infrastructure will benefit the area and where that investment should be prioritised. The plan is expected to seek Cabinet approval late in the summer.To assist the development of the Local Broadband Plan, the Council has developed a dedicated web site to enable residents and the business sector to register their interest in getting a better broadband service. As well as seeking opinion how an improved service will benefit them the site allows current users to carry out a broadband speed test on their own connection and this will identify to the Council where internet 'slow spots' exist across East Riding to focus any investment. The site will be available between February and October 2012 and can be found at http://broadband.eastriding.gov.uk/ Publicity for the new site will be in the next edition of Your East Riding and all Parish Councils are being contacted to include the article in parish news letters from March onwards and with a request that the article be read out at their next Parish meeting. I would like to request that you offer support for this project which has the potential to have a significant impact on the growth of our economy and ensure all residents have the best possible access to internet services. I would be grateful if you would encourage people to visit the site and register their interest to ensure the Local Broadband Plan reflects the broadband provision across the East Riding area as accurately as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact the Broadband Project at mailto:michael.jackson@eastriding.gov, should you have any particular questions