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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Sports Relief 2012

I will be handing out the water and medals at this event on Sunday - you will be so fed up with me promoting it over the next couple of days! Bridlington Town Mayor Cyrill Marsburg will be setting off the Races . Come along and support it.


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

NHS Candlelit Vigil In Hull

On Monday night I travelled to Hull to join fellow protesters in a Candlelit vigil to urge the Government to drop the NHS reform bill. Around the country 24 similar vigils too place as the House of Lords debated amendments to the Bill. I was one of many who marched to Save Bridlington Hospital and feel passionately about our NHS. The bill does not have the support of patients, GPs and many professional bodies associated with the NHS and will lead to privatisation of our health service.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Trains - How Important Are They?

Last night I nearly lost my love affair with our railway system as I missed a train back to Bridlington and was faced with the prospect of one and half hours on a cold platform at Driffield station before the next train. The waiting room was shut and I was a lone woman travelling with the only prospect of staying warm was to go to the bar till after 10 at night. I am not a timid person as my friends will testify but the choice of sitting on a lonely platform or sitting in a bar alone did not fill me with any joy! This did get me thinking about rural transport (or the lack of it) and the facilities it offers lone travellers late at night. So I will be watching with interest the Rail Review statement in the House of Commons today:

Ms Greening will make a statement outlining the government's new "rail command paper", which aims to cut billions of pounds from the cost of running Britain's railway network.
The move follows a review by former civil servant Sir Roy McNulty in 2011, which recommended that spending should be cut by a third.
Trade unions have expressed fears that the cuts will lead to fare rises and the loss of thousands of jobs.

Cutting billions from the rail network will mean that the limited services we do have will either be cut or become too expensive for passengers. Stations will rely on automated practices as staff are cut leaving vunerable people alone with a machine. Why are we promoting a Green Agenda while forcing people back into cars. In Europe they run a fast, efficient and cheap rail service so why cannot we do the same? Is it time to Nationalise the Railways for the benefit of all travellers?

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Holiday at Home

A new TV Ad has hit our screen promoting the wonderful places around our Country. Stephen Fry being plummy in London, Julie Walters being down to earth in Cornwall and Rupert Grint of Harry Potter fame enjoying the wonderful beaches at Bridlington. Bridlington, the jewel in the crown of the East Coast, should attract record numbers of visitors this year but will it? Are we doing enough to promote this wonderful seaside resort and surrounding area.s Yes we had a bit of publicity through David Hockney and a quick mention on this ad but is that enough from the agencies that should be promoting us?


Monday, 5 March 2012

Working Families Face Devastating Cuts

The onslaught of far reaching cuts to hard working families with the change in the eligibility for Working Tax Credits coming into force on April 6th 2012 and the change to Child Benefit in 2013 will mean hardship for many in our Region. The "We are all in it together" rings hollow as those that have, continue to keep it and those that do not, will have what help they can get taken away from them. The culmination of cuts on one hand and increases on the other will do nothing to help the economy recover. It will just mean misery to those who want to help it recover. The Labour Party in East Riding will be mounting a campaign to highlight the issues that concern us all. The Press Release below went out today and I fully support the need to bring this to the attention of as many people as possible. As my colleague in Beverely so rightly puts it - a 40 ton truck is heading our way and we cannot sit back and let it mow down those that depend on us.
Press Release
Thousands of working families across East Yorkshire will be
devastated when changes to Working Tax Credits hit home on April 6th.

Beverley Labour Party estimates that two thousand low paid working
families will lose up to £4000 in the next few weeks. At the moment
families who work 16 hours a week qualify for Working Tax Credits.
But on April 6th only those working 24 hours will qualify.

Speaking today George McManus, Chairman of Beverley and Holderness
Labour Party said, 'This change will devastate thousands of low paid hard
working families. People currently on an income of £17000 will see this
cut to £13000 unless these proposals change.'

He went on,'Lone parents and low paid workers will find that they will be
better off on the dole. This is economic madness which will increase
pressure on Local Authorities, Social Services and society as a whole. '

Friday, 2 March 2012

Getting it Right

Just got back from Liverpool and the place is buzzing thanks to a Labour run Council who know what the people want and deliver http://www.liverpoollabour.org/. I went there on the invitation of of the Right Worshipful The Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Councillor Frank Prendergast who invited my husband to a civic reception to mark his service as a Park Constable with the "Liverpool Parks Police" on the 40 year anniversary on disbandment. The event, held at the stunning Town Hall was wonderful in that it brought back together those who worked in their community to make a difference. I had the opportunity to talk to the young members who were proud of their city and the role they played in a civic capacity with the council.

I was able to compare what was happening 5 years ago (the last time I visited) and to see how far this City has moved. Oh and leaving the station to try and find the hotel I asked a Parking Attendant for directions. He said, "I am going that way" and escorted us nearly all the way pointing out new places of interest in a broad scouse accent. He was obviously proud of the City he worked for and the redevelpment that was taking place. Despite the austere times we live in, a night in a local pub. showed the confidence this City has by the number of people enjoing a tradition pint. HMS Liverpool was in dock and we chatted to the sailors on their last visit - a sign of the times. I will go back there in the future sure in the knowledge that it will go from strength to strength under the Labour Council.