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I am an East Riding of Yorkshire and Bridlington Town Councillor elected to represent Bridlington South Ward. The views and posts on this site are my personal views and are not those of East Riding of Yorkshire Council or Bridlington Town Council. If you become a member of this Blog I will expect you to adhere to posting comments that are not offensive or illegal.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Campaigning in Withernsea

Had a great morning in Withernsea today. Leafletting with Tracey Boreman Murray Daniel Palmer and Eddie Hart to name a few. The Labour supporters were out in force to welcome John Prescott. He gave a great speech and talked to many residents. The Labour table had a petition to ditch the hated Caravan Tax and lots of signatures were gathered. Managed to steal a few chips from Graham Petrini (thanks mate). Lots of banter with the Tories as usual! Jed Lee is a great candidate and we are all behind him for May 3rd.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Caravan Tax - The Fight Continues

At the start of the debate I asked the following questions and got the following answers:

How many static caravans are located in and around Bridlington?

The following table shows the total number of static caravans located within the parishes of Bempton, Flamborough, Bridlington and Carnaby.

Total number of static caravans

Data source East Riding Data Observatory

What income do they generate for Bridlington and the East Riding?

A staying visitor on average spends £34.56 pr night.  However this data doesn’t include those visitors that don’t spend anything within the local economy and bring everything with them.  A day visitor spends an average of £22.94 this figure includes fuel.
72% of the visitors to the East Riding are from within the Yorkshire and Humber sub-region.   33% of visitor to the East Riding stay in overnight accommodation and 47% are either staying in self catering accommodation or camping/caravanning.  
Given the number of visitors to Bridlington these figures are important to the local economy of the town.

Date Source Welcome to Yorkshire Regional Visitor Survey 2010/2011

How many jobs are linked to this industry in terms of holiday parks?

There are 77 jobs linked to holiday parks in Bridlington, this number includes those that are part-time and seasonal.  The total number in the East Riding was 201. 

Do you see any implications in the 20 % VAT on static caravans in terms of lost revenue and jobs to Bridlington and surrounding areas?
This is a difficult question to answer and this may only become apparent after the VAT increase has been implemented.  The risks are as follows-

The demand for static caravans drops – many caravans are owned by individuals and may be rented back to the holiday camp or used every weekend as a holiday home.  This demand may cause the price of caravans to drop.

The demand for new statics as replacements may reduce leading to an increasingly aged stock that might be less attractive to stay in.

Replacement caravans are more expensive and this increased cost is passed on to consumers who then have less to spend either at the park or in the wider economy. 

The impact to most tourism businesses will be less as Bridlington is reliant on day trippers.  The strategy is to encourage these visitors to spend more in the local economy. 

How will this affect the tourist industry as a whole for the East Riding?
Again until the VAT increase is implemented this is hard to estimate.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Static Caravan Tax

Really angry that Greg Knight did not vote with the other MPs in the region on the Caravan Tax. Further consultation does not justify the betrayal of his constituents and Bridlington. http://www.thisishullandeastriding.co.uk/Caravan-tax-Disappointment-East-Yorkshire-MP-Greg/story-15863538-detail/story.html

Whatever the true figures regarding job losses and closed businesses not one job loss is worth this hike of the cost of static caravans. This measure will effect the rural and tourist economies of East Yorkshire.

The justification that he reached this decision because the consultation period has been extended is not worthy of a politician. We deserve better of our elected representative and someone who will stand up and be counted when really important decisions are being made about our region.

Credit to the Tory rebels who joined with the hard working Labour MPs in the vote and shame on the LibDems in Cornwall who sided with the Government. Remember this when you go out to vote on 3rd May and keep it in your minds for the next General Election.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Camapaign Trail in East Riding

Due to the sad loss of a fellow East Riding Councillor we have an unexpected election in East Riding for the South East Holderness Ward. This is the only seat that will be fought on Thursday 3rd of May in East Riding and looks to be a great battle. In the Red Corner Jed Lee, in the Blue Corner Kevin Hough with the Independant John Windas somewhere on the ropes.

On Saturday we set up a stall outside the front of Aldi in Withernsea and the East Riding activists arrived. Five of the the ERYC Labour Group, Cllrs Boatman, Hogan, Moore, O'Neil and myself all wadded in for the fight. We were all promptly dispached around Withernsea with bundles of leaflets and maps. Myself and Tracey Murray were lucky to have the seafront streets to leaflet and as we reached the end of each street a bracing wind and magnificent sea views greeted us. After an hour of posting, smiling and dog avoidance we returned back to Aldi just before the heavens opened. The Tories had set up camp next to us and a lot of friendly banter was exchanged between the two groups.

Following the Bradford election and the smart use of social media, this campaign will be fought on the ground and in Cyberspace. Both are needed in modern campaigning. Communication is the key and both methods of getting the message across are needed to win.

Having a local candidate who knows and understand the issues facing Holderness is also a bonus.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Jed Lee Can Win

‎3 to contest the South East Holderness Election - we must all throw our weight behind Jed Lee the Labour Candidate. There are plenty of votes to be captured check out last year's results http://www2.eastriding.gov.uk/council/elections-and-voting/elections/ward-elections/
Ward Elections

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Why I am Backing Jed Lee for South East Holderness

About Jed Lee
Born in South Yorkshire and started working life in the coal mine as an underground electrician. Moved to Keyingham in 1985 to work for British Gas who are now Centrica at the gas terminal in Easington. After a spell offshore for Centrica, I now work back at the terminal as a shift team leader.
I am married with two children. Both children were educated at Keyingham and Withernsea schools. Both went on to gain degrees in PE and train as teachers, one working in Driffield the other working in New Zealand. My wife is a teacher in Special Education.
As a working man I can identify with all the issues surrounding the current state of affairs in the country and county, income tax, pension uncertainty, rising prices, housing markets etc. I am also involved in the voluntary sector and have knowledge of the issues facing that sector with reduced funding available and vulnerable groups not receiving the support at the right level through the local authority or voluntary sector because it simply isn’t there in sufficient measure. South East Holderness, despite its isolated nature and limited employment opportunities, does have a resilience and determination to survive. It is a lovely part of the county and does have countryside and a coast, the diversity of the landscape reflects the nature of the resilient people and I would be proud to be elected to represent SE Holderness and be part of that landscape.


Thursday, 5 April 2012